Personalised Service

At Lexium Capital we pride ourselves on the personalised service that we offer our clients. Before any investment money is accepted, all clients must meet in person with one of our Lexium Capital representatives to ensure all potential clients have a thorough understanding of our offering before proceeding with investment. Lexium Capital personnel are available from 7am Monday morning to 8am Saturday Morning 24 hours a day to answer any questions your may have in relation to trading, money management or any technical enquiries.

World Class Risk Management

Our philosophy is risk management first, profit second. Lexium Capital has a unique, systematic approach which reduces risk exposure to client funds and maximises potential profit for all trade positions. Algorithmic analysis is utilised to monitor the ever changing correlations between certain currency pairs with the intention of maintaining a well balanced risk exposure across all trading positions at any one time.

Transparent Trading

As a regulated managed account service, transparency is not only Lexium Capitals priority but also a fiduciary obligation to our clients. Lexium Capital not only meets but chooses to exceed standard industry practices regarding transparency. When trade positions are initiated by Lexium Capital, an instant representation of that trade will be displayed in the clients account including a live profit and loss figure for their account at all times.