Who is Lexium Capital

Lexium Capital is a Foreign Exchange (FX) trading firm. Our prime area of business is generating profitable returns from position trading, by implementing a well-balanced fusion of fundamental, technical and algorithmic market analysis along with strategic risk aversion methods and effective trade management. Lexium Capital has created and reached new heights in the world of trading. Our strategies stand as one of the most highly regarded in the industry.

The key driver to this success is our diverse team of accomplished professionals who form the Lexium Capital trading team. Together we create and implement world class analytical systems, along with industry recognised planning methods. This application has resulted in a consistent rise through the ranks to become one of the most recognised trading firms in Australia.

Our Goals

The quest for improvement of our financial profitability is ongoing. Our continual and unrelenting commitment to improve upon our already strong analytical and trade management techniques at Lexium Capital is considered essential for long term survival in this ever evolving industry. As such, we implement meticulous and well defined strategies to keep up to date with changes in market behaviours. These strategies are constantly maintained and measured against, with the view to maintain and increase profit, while simultaneously reducing risk exposure.
The Lexium Capital team look forward to a prosperous future with all our clients.