Meet the team

Martin Asher - Head of Technical Strategies (Managing Director)

Martin is Head of the Technical Strategies Team at Lexium Capital whose key role is designing algorithms for the automatic recognition of both market patterns and statistically significant market tendencies as a way of better understanding evolving market structure.

Professionally, Martin has worked in both the commercial and speculative areas of the Foreign Exchange Markets and holds a current Diploma of Financial Services as well as the relevant RG146 qualifications for both FX & CFD's. Martin's fluent understanding of the MQL4 and Ninja-Script programming languages provide the unique opportunity for all of Lexium Capital’s system development to be carried out internally without the need for third party consultancy.

Martin's thorough understanding and keen interest in technical analysis is complemented further by his algorithmic development and programming skills. These qualities allow Lexium Capital to leverage and automate powerful technical systems whilst keeping this technology exclusive and in-house.

Robert Wu - General Manager

Robert Wu is an energetic and experienced General Manager whose creative approach along with his accomplished management techniques, provide a structured and progressive working environment for the Lexium Capital team.

Having worked in both domestic and international markets, Robert has generated a wealth of knowledge relevant to the inner workings of the global Investment industry. His broad experience has been cultivated by a wide range of roles in the banking and financial sector, allowing a high level of development in many relevant areas including, portfolio fund management, financial product structure, risk management, marketing and sales, both in Australia and China.

Robert holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Professional Accounting and Business Administration from Macquarie University, complemented by a Master of Business in Finance from the University of Sydney Technology. Roberts’s profound knowledge of financial markets gives him and Lexium Capital, the insight necessary to prosper in the Foreign Currency Exchange Markets.

Dean Marjanovic - Head of Trading & Risk Management

Dean Marjanovic brings with him extensive knowledge in risk analysis and fundamental currency influence. He is responsible for managing Lexium’s risk strategies and applying them to current market speculation. He has been able to do this successfully by drawing on his years of experience studying behavioural analysis and data composition within the equity markets.

Dean has over fifteen years’ experience dealing in international commodities trade and managing currency risk through fluctuating market conditions, all while progressively building sustainable, high net worth organizations. He began his career as an international trade broker and stock market speculator. Dean later transitioned that experience and knowledge to the foreign exchange market where he has successfully traded in excess of USD$350-billion worth of currency in the FX interbank network over the past six years.

His experience also extends to managing multi-million dollar portfolios for private equity clients, both domestically and abroad. An extensive background in corporate management, along with vast experience in high level risk management, means that Dean is well equipped to manage the fast paced trading environment while driving Lexium Capital and its Investors towards further growth.

Brian Choi - Head of Sales & Marketing

Brian Choi is renowned for his ability to find the most suitable product to meet the unique and specific needs of individual investors. His 25-year experience and understanding of customers’ needs assists Lexium Capital in finding its desired client base while also helping potential clients to find us. Drawing on his substantial knowledge in the marketing and financial sectors, Brian utilizes his professional experience to develop and maintain strong personal and professional relationships.

Fluent in English, Korean and Japanese, Brian extends Lexium Capitals’ ability to share our unique offering with a broad audience. His international experience with large organizations including Lonestar International, IMG Korea and Philip Morris Group, has left him well versed in strategizing effective marketing campaigns for maximum reach and effectiveness.

If you wish to enquire further as to whether Lexium Capital is a suitable investment for you, Brian Choi will assist you in these enquires.

Weng Hal – Head of Strategic Development

Hal is Head of the Strategic Planning at Lexium Capital whose key role is providing up to date strategic research to the management team of Lexium Capital. He also has a strong focus on the design and implementation of Lexium Capital’s efficient planning and progress management models.

Hal has extensive experience in strategic development, which ascends from his planning roles in the property development industry. He also has MPA degree from UNSW and has advanced diploma of RG146 qualifications. His skills and ability to perform and encourage strategic thinking, along with trading system diagnosis capabilities allows him to coordinate with all departments to refine the short and long term plans for Lexium Capital.

With his diverse knowledge of FX, marketing and development programmes, Hal is building the blocks for Lexium Capital’s current and future expansion.