Our Services

Lexium Capital offers multiple Managed Discretionary Account (MDA) Services to approved clients. These MDA's provide the opportunity for our clients to invest in Lexium Capital's strategic approach to FX and Equities Market trading.

The Lexium Capital MDA's involve a multi-faceted approach including key technical, fundamental and risk managements strategies with the aim of maximising investment potential while maintaining modest drawdown levels. For all the details relating to ourMDA services that are offered by Lexium Capital, please download our "Investment Mandate" which can be found on our Invest page.

What is an MDA?

Managed Discretionary Accounts, or MDAs, are a more efficient and direct model for managing clients’ investments as compared to the traditional fund management structure. The clients account is opened directly with a reputable executing broker partner and remains in their name at all times.

By entering into the MDA agreement, the client is giving Lexium Capital the permission to trade the account on their behalf. The trades will be directed by the underlying quantitative model of the respective MDA.

Lexium Captial FX MDA - Terms

Account Entity
Suitable Investor Risk Profile
Wholesale Investors Only
July 2017
Investment Structure
Managed Discretionary Account
Investment Strategy
Lexium Capital MDA
Target Return
35% p.a (prior to any performance fees charged)
Drawdown Level Notification
Investment Manager
Lexium Capital Pty Ltd
National Australia Bank
Invast Financial Services (AFSL No. 438283)
Investment Vehicle
Foreign Exchange Market
Investment Methodology
Systematic 50% / Discretionary 50%
Minimum Investment
$500,000 AUD
Fee Structure
Performance Fee 50%