Algorithmic Systems

An algorithm is defined as a procedure or formula designed for solving a problem. In the FX Markets, a problem exists where the amount of data to analyse can be so great that by the time the analysis is completed, the opportunity may no longer exist. For this reason it is a distinct advantage to leverage the skills of the trader by having the computer handle any possible analysis. This increases the accuracy of analysis, but most importantly frees up the work load of the trader, allowing them more time to focus on executing and managing trades.
At Lexium Capital, all algorithmic systems for the purpose of historical data studies, current technical modelling and trade management handling are designed and development solely by members of the Lexium Capital team. This provides a distinct advantage when creating and implementing algorithmic systems for the following reasons:

1. Intellectual property is not shared with any third parties;
2. There is a direct link between conceptualisation and realisation of any project involving propriety software development;
3. Reduction of costs involved with outsourcing of software development work.

The two primary environments currently used for custom software development are the MetaTrader Platform and the NinjaTrader Platform. Between these two frameworks, all the necessary tools are available to develop the necessary automated analysis systems and algorithmic technical studies deemed significant by Lexium Capital. These two platforms allow the analysis of all Foreign Exchange Markets and also any associated FX Futures and Equity Indexes necessary to maintain a global perspective of current market conditions.

The chart above is an example of one of Lexium Capitals proprietary algorithmic market analysis software design to analyse geometric confluence.